Caritas Cambodia

Caritas Cambodia

St. Lauk Taneuy, Wat Bo Village, Salakamroeuk commune, SRP District, Siem Reap Province

Key Contact
Ms. Bernadette Glisse, Health &HIV/AIDS program Coordinator, (855-12) 735 477,
Program/Project Names
1. Community Based Prevention Care and Support Program
2. Prison Health Program for 7 prisons with HIV and TB focus
Target Group

2. Wives/Partners of PLHIV
3. Migrant/mobile populations
4. Youths,Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
5. Prisoners and family members

Working Group

1.Treatment, Care and Support Technical
2.Orphan and Vulnerable
3.People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
4.Drug Users (DU/IDU)
5.Sex Workers

Main Activities

1. Education/counseling/home visits/referral to VCCT,OI/ARV clinic, TB, PMTCT /Food support, welfare/ OVC support/ SHG support with microcredit and livelihood program
2. Temporary shelter for PLHIV from far away areas and Waiting home for HIV+ Pregnant women /Education-counseling/Nutrition/Handicraft and sewing skills training
3. Setting up health system at prison with system/coordination with PHD-OD-HC/ Active case finding for TB, counseling and testing for HIV/ NCD management/ socio-economic support with food support, vocational training/ education and drug users counseling

# of Field Staff
CBPCS Program: 28 including Drop In Center staff
# of Office Staff
# of Government Staff
HC staff: at least 1 person
Founding Sources
GF R9, Caritas Swiss-Germany, Caritas Spain, Australia and Belgium Other private funds for infrastructure
Total Annual Budget
For CBPCS: USD 860,719.72 (2014-2015) For 7 Prisons: USD

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