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Address: # 599, Group 25, National road 5, O Ambel village, O Ambel commune, Serey Sophorn district, Banteay Meanchey province.

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  • Organization Name: POOR FAMILY DEVELOPMENT (PFD)
    Address: # 599, Group 25, National road 5, O Ambel village, O Ambel commune, Serey Sophorn district, Banteay Meanchey province.
    Telephone: (855-12) 998 423, (855-54) 710 022
    Fax: N/A
    Website: N/A
    Key Contact: Ms. Nhem Nearyrath, Program Manager, HIV Prevention, (855-12) 719 758,
  • Type of Organization: Local NGO
    Program/Project Names:
    1. HIV Prevention and Care Program for Entertainment Workers, (SMARTgirl ) and Casino Programs.
    2.Cambodia Integrated HIV & Drug use Prevention Implementation Study (CIPI) for Entertainment Workers.
    Target Group:
    1. Direct Sex Workers
    2. Indirect sex workers
    3. Casino Workers, Entertainment workers (MARPs)
    Working Group:
    Prevention Technical

    Main Activities:
    1. Conduct mapping in target areas by quarterly.
    2. Conduct individual and group outreach to EWs, sweetheart, casino workers.
    3. Develop and implement private partnership strategy to promote SMARTgirl’s membership.
    4. Conduct quarterly special events at SMARTgirl Clubs. 
    5. Conduct the self-empowerment session among EWs
    6. Finger Prick test EW by Monthly
    7. Socially market condoms/lubricant and FP products at outreach contacts.  
    8. Provide and collect referral slips from partner’s health and social services.
    9. Promote HIV FASTest (CPIT/C) from Family Health Clinic.
    10. Refer HIV positive MARPs to HIV care and treatment services
    11. Updating EWs using contraceptive every quarter.
    12. Conduct meetings with SMARTgirl supporters, Mekaar and EE’s owners.
    13. Participate in TWG meetings and key public special events.
    14. Conduct coordination meetings with local authorities and one legal aid workshop.
    15. Facilitate Advisory committee Meeting.
    16. Attend staff and PFs capacity building by FHI 360 and other stakeholders.
    17. Conduct quarterly mapping meeting.
    18. Conduct individual and group outreach to EW-DU/IDU,  support groups, one-on-one counseling and focus groups 
    19. Provide harm reduction outreach and referrals EW-DU.
    20. Do risk assessments using Club/SMARTgirl codes.
    21. Carry out Risk Assessments by quarter with those who have Personal Profiles and who do not go to support groups.
    22. Holds quarterly sensitization workshops and coordinating meetings for key stakeholders and local authorities and have staff present official meetings/workshops as scheduled in the Training Plan.
    23.Coordinate meetings OW by Monthly.
    24. Attend specific trainings/ workshops at quarterly and monthly meetings by KHANA,CWP, FHI360

  • # of Field Staff: 12
    # of Office Staff: 4
    # of Government Staff: N/A
    Founding Sources:
    Total Annual Budget: USD 150574.53
Account Views: 4945 views
Last Update: 04 September 2014
Location on Map:
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