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Address: Rominh Commune, Koh Andeth District, Takeo Province

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  • Organization Name: RACHANA (RACHANA)
    Address: Rominh Commune, Koh Andeth District, Takeo Province
    Telephone: (855-12) 491 064
    Fax: n/a
    Website: n/a
    Key Contact: Mr. Cheng Dara, Program Manager (855-12) 928 663, rachana_treang
  • Type of Organization: Local NGO
    Program/Project Names:
    a. Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Education Program 
    b. Home Community Based Care (HCBC)
    c. Promoting Access to Health Services for Marginalized Group (PAHS)

    Target Group:
    1. PLWHA
    2. Wives/Partners of PLWHA
    3. Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
    Working Group:

    Main Activities:
    1. Community Health Forum (CHF)
    2. Community Health Dialogue (CHD)
    3. Community Champion group for advocacy
    4. Strengthen the capacity and services of Health Centers
    5. STI/HIV/AIDS Prevention
    6. Group discussion
    7. HIV/AIDS contest
    8. T-shirt promotion
    9. World AIDS Day
    10. Drama and street play
    11. People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) care and support
    12. Orphan vulnerable children (OVC) care and support
    13. STI/HIV/AIDS Prevention (General)
    14. HIV positive prevention
    15. PLHA income generating activities
    16. Self-help groups
    17. TB and TB/HIV
    18. SRH
    19. Candleligh  Day
    20. World AIDS Day
  • # of Field Staff: 10
    # of Office Staff: 16
    # of Government Staff: 16
    Founding Sources:
    Terre des hommes  Netherlands (tdh-N), KHANA/USAID, EU
    Total Annual Budget: USD 18,954.00
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Last Update: 03 September 2014
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