Consultant to Conduct Baseline Survey for the Project Accessing Health Care, Expression and Mental Health of LGBT groups

Health Action Coordinating Committee


In recent years, the visibility of LGBT+ people in the public area and in the media has increased in Cambodia, particularly through social networks, which have become a privileged platform, further amplified by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Cambodian society remains conservative when it comes to LGBT+ issues.

There is still a great deal of discrimination against LGBT+ people in the family, schools and the workplace, due to an ideological divide between the younger and older generations, a difference in morals between the capital and the country’s other provinces, and the absence of legal social protections such as recognition of trans identity and same-sex marriage. This legal discrimination has a direct impact on obtaining appropriate identity papers, on accessing healthcare for transsexual people or on adopting and forming a family for non-heteronormative couples. They can also seriously affect the mental health and well-being of LGBT+ people.

Young people, in particular, are vulnerable to rejection by their families and stigmatization in the workplace or at school. This discrimination, and the homophobia it engenders, leads to risk-taking behavior among LGBTQ+ people, more addictive behavior and anxiety disorders. HACC in partnership with TPO and national network of MSM/TG and Young Key Populations awarded by the France Embassy to implement a project called the increasing access to care and proper space for expression of LGBT + people for LGBT in four provinces in Cambodia including Takeo, Preah Sihanouk, Kampong Cham and Battambang. Before the start of the project, HACC is looking for a local consultant to conduct the baseline survey for the project documentation and reporting the impact in the project targeted areas.

Objectives and Scope of works

The overall objective of the consultancy is to develop as the following

  • To map social services in supporting LGBT people
  • To highlight key problems and issues among LGBT people on proper space for expression, stigma, and discrimination, access to health, rights and social protection
  • To conduct capacity needs assessment among the LGBT people and what priorities as needed especially related the mental health topics
  • To set the baseline data and target intervention for the project to be supported and covered

Key Roles and Responsibilities

The successful candidate will perform the following roles and responsibilities

  • Meeting with project team to discuss the assignment
  • Conduct desk review with related documentations
  • Design questionnaire and timeframe and meeting with project team to endorse the plan
  • Conduct the field data collection in four target provinces to conduct key informant or focus group discussion with LGBT group
  • Present draft report of baseline with project team
  • Submit final report of baseline with the project team
  • Disseminate result with key stakeholders


The consultant will provide with the following materials below

  • An Inception report descripted the design, methodology, tools and timeframe to be used for the whole assignment
  • Submitted baseline survey with report
  • Disseminated result with key stakeholders
  • Final report of project baseline survey

Qualifications and experience required

The minimum qualifications and experience required are

  • Relevant degree and experience in survey and research
  • Experiences in working with the heath sector, especially with LGBT and vulnerable groups
  • Long years experience in working with community people, human rights, health and mental health
  • Good facilitation and coordination skills with key stakeholders
  • Teamwork and deadlines required
  • Good records in working with key stakeholders
  • Highly motivated and commit to the deadline

Timeframe and Payment schedule 

No. Deliverable Date % Amount
1 Submitted the inception report 20%
2 Submitted the baseline report 40%
3 Submitted the endline report    40%

Assignment management

The consultant will be contacted directly with the HACC Executive Director at or 077 275 227.

Document needs for application

  • Cover letter and CV
  • Propose plan to perform the consultancy’s assignment
  • Propose on details consultant’s fee.

Qualified and interested applicants are requested to submit a cover letter, CV and all document need of this consultancy to Ms. Bun Monyrod, Admin and Finance Manger by July 19, 2024 at 5:00 PM. She can be contacted at  Short listed candidates only will be contacted for interview.