A Call for Migrant Representatives in the RCM TEAM


The RCM TEAM has been supported by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria for the grant aiming to end TB among migrants and mobile population in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), including 5 countries, i.e., Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

The engagement and representation of key stakeholders, including representatives of migrant populations, civil society, and communities affected by tuberculosis, within the RCM meetings and associated decision-making forums is considered important for successfully moving towards the goal to end TB among migrants and mobile population in the GMS.

Despite the ending of the Global Fund support to the RCM TEAM in December 2024, as part of the exit strategy, the RCM expects to initiate the process to amplify the participation and voice of representatives of migrant populations in RCM meetings and related decision-making forums, and more generally in governance and stewardship of TB responses in the GMS.

The following figure shows the framework of representation at the country and regional levels.

The Term of References (TORs) of migrant representatives include the following key activities:

  • To coordinate/execution a country forum of CSOs/CBOs who directly represent – and have proven mechanisms to represent the voices of migrant communities affected by TB in their country including formal and informal migrants, temporary mobile and working migrants;
  • To facilitate two-way communications with all CSOs, CBOs and other migrant community groups working with/affected by TB;
  • To prepare a country report based on these meetings to present at a Community Regional Forum to support the 2 representatives chosen by the country representatives to attend the RCM meetings; and
  • To feedback the reports, actions and queries to the communities and their CSOs/CBOs.

Eligibility to apply for this call for Migrant Representatives in the RCM TEAM:

  • A focal person within CSO/NGO working in the GMS country, particularly those that are aligned with TEAM grant or contracted organizations.
  • Have proven existing mechanisms to gather migrant perspectives accurately, (not the CSO constituency views) and to share reports and feedback with them in a way they can understand and engage with.

The applicant has to express your interest with the information on

  • Name and family name, gender, age, nationality, current residence;
  • CSO/NGO which you are working with; and
  • Summary of your personal view on existing mechanisms to gather migrant perspectives accurately.

The submission of all documents has to be submitted to spetchsri@gmail.com by 15 July 2024, 17.00 hr. (BKK time).