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About Us

Overall Goal

Support HIV AIDS CSOs to support national HIV/AIDS response through leading a representative voice, advocacy, coordination and networking at all levels and strengthening their capacities for addressing the gaps, unmet-needs, stigma, discrimination, vulnerabilities, human rights, cross-cutting issues and the underlying determinants of HIV/AIDS and development.


As the HIV epidemic spread through Cambodia, five NGOs united to establish the HACC in 1993. The committee continued to expand throughout the 1990s, and it registered with the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in November 2004. By late 2014, the network reached 124 NGOs.

Today, the “Health Action Coordinating Committee” (HACC) is a network of 102 local and international organizations working on HIV/AIDS and related health issues in Cambodia. Due to a decline in funding from development partners, many NGOs lost substantial support and therefore had to discontinue their operations or shift to better-resourced fields.


A Cambodian society where everyone has equitable access to quality healthcare services and the opportunity for a healthy life.


We are the representatives of civil society working in health by bridging providers, users, and related authorities to achieve the goals and objectives of the Cambodian health strategic plan.


With over 20 years of experience, HACC is a leader in networking, partnership initiation, information sharing, organizational development, and advocacy. Further, HACC successfully bridges the information gap between civil society and influential policy makers, stakeholders, and national directors.
With extensive know-how in the program design and implementation of intervention strategies during the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Cambodia, the committee offers expertise in community and health strengthening programs. Further, HACC utilizes limited resources by focusing on community members and key at risk populations (KP) within targeted areas. Ultimately, HACC’s extensive efforts work to strengthen both the local community and the larger health system.


Designated to lead NGO coordination and networking, the Health Technical Working Group Secretariat and Health Technical Working Group of the Ministry of Health nominated HACC as an NGO representative. The Health Partner Groups of the WHO also selected the committee as an NGO leader. Within this leading role, HACC organizes and facilitates bi-monthly member conferences.

  • Advocacy & Representation: Lead and organize issue specific representation; representative voice and evidence-based advocacy at all levels through evidence generation, compilation, documentation and dissemination together with and on behalf of HIV and AIDS CSOs.
  • Coordination, Communications & Networking: Lead and to strengthen effective communication, information sharing and networking among members; with partners and stakeholders at all levels for coordinated and effective CSO response to HIV and AIDS.
  • Capacity Building: Address the gaps; unmet-needs; stigma; discrimination; vulnerabilities; human rights of PLHIVs, MARPs and OVC through building capacities, empowering and technically supporting HIV and AIDS CSOs in need.
  • Organizational Development: Strengthen HACC leadership; capacities; organization and resources to deliver our three key strategies.

Principle Value

Our Work is guided by the following values:

  • We act transparently & participatory to achieve our vision/mission
  • We are the expert in the fields
  • We provide excellent coordination & leadership in the sector
  • We are highly attractive for our stakeholders
  • We are highly respected advocacy group in the sector
  • We ensure every member counted


HACC provides a respectful & safe venue where a wide range of organizations with differing missions come together to discuss best practices, create tools, & engage in partnerships that increase the quality and impact of their work. The content of each HACC product does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of all of its member organizations. However, the members share best practices & experiences based on their values & missions, thereby ensuring HACC library of products are inclusive of their experience & best practices.

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